Friday, March 12, 2010

The Amplified Podcasts

Halo Amplified is back in action with Episode 22 - Reach. We review all of the information that has been released since E3 about Bungie's upcoming title, Halo Reach. Make sure to join us for our newest episodes since our hiatus of five months!

Check out the episode:

Lost Amplified is not so lucky. After some searching for a new co-host for this season, since Season 5's coverage didn't exist because of that fact, it all fell through. Like Season 5, we'd like to enjoy the show as fans instead of analyzing each episode. Make sure you all continue to support our friends in the podcasting world, especially our good friends Lost Mythos!

Don't forget to send us any and all feedback concerning anything we do here by sending an email to

And more specifically for Halo Amplified, like I mentioned in Episode 22, I'd like all the listeners to give us feedback so we can make the show better and hopefully include everyone out there in our shows. Contact us at

Finally we want to develop out community over at our forums so make sure to go over there and start up some discussions:

Thanks guys!
~Amp and Crew

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Podcast Revival

I am proud to announce that the Halo Amplified Podcast will be coming back next week starting with a ODST preview episode!
This opening episode will be followed closely by a MLG Dallas episode and a ODST review episode the following weekend (after ODST comes out on Tuesday).

The Lost Amplified Podcast will be coming back in January for the final season, Season 6, of the series. We may do a Season 5 recap episode or episodes to lead up to the season premiere and take up some of the time left in the hiatus.

Hopefully everyone will come on back and join us for our revival!
~Amp and Crew

P.S. Lots of more Video Amplified videos to check out too!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Press Restart

Time to get back into things. I'm sorry to all of our fans, whoever you are... :)

I got three things. One, I will be starting things back up regularly when I get to college, if it will work with my schedule, and I'll try to make sure it does.

Two, I would like to know about you guys, our fans, so make sure you check out our forums over Here. Sign up and let us know you're a fan in the "Welcome" section.
I really want to see the forums grow so I we can be a great community.

Finally, check out the new videos I've been posting for a while on YouTube over at Video Amplified.

Thanks guys,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long time...

No see.
I know everyone, it's been a while. I've been trying to keep up with all of my podcasting and other related activities. But most of my online time recently has been devoted to my Halo 3 MLG team since we will be attending MLG Meadowlands 2009 together.
Anyways, I just want to let you all know that I updated the blogs recently as well as the all new twitters for each podcast with information concerning each individual podcast and their upcoming episodes.
Other than that I don't have much else to say. This summer I will hopefully be able to be involved much more in my podcast endeavors, except when I have to move in to my college life...
I will try to keep everyone updates as much as possible, probably most often on my personal twitter @

Thanks all,

Monday, August 25, 2008


New stuff coming your way!

MLG Pro interviews!
Halo/Bungie Community Project
Crow's Nest Campaign Show
Lost Season 1 Podcast Episodes (following SciFi's TV schedule)

Live Chat

We have shifted gears over to higher quality audio, new editing software and a new RSS feed. Subsiquently there no longer are live podcast recordings.*

*Though this fact is subject to change


We currently record our podcasts live on the internet at If you are interested in joining in and being a part of our podcasts there are a couple ways of doing so:

1. At the scheduled time (recommended time of arrival is ten minutes before) log on to and join our call.
2. At the scheduled time call the number given below and enter the call ID as well as your PIN (gained by signing up on Talkshoe, but is not always required).
This method also works for Skype, except it is easier since when the call is active the podcast's homepage has a Skype call in button (the phone number turns into the button with the skype firefox plugin).

Our podcasts' number is 1-(724)-444-7444. This is the direct line to Talkshoe and all of its calls... Each of my podcasts has a different Call ID:
Halo Amplified- 18591
Lost Amplified- 18593

When you call into the recording using a telephone (recommend using a land line) to talk to us during our podcast recording you will be prompted with two things:
1. The Call ID (see above)
2. Your personal PIN which can either we acquired through a Talkshoe account or you can use you phone number which will identify you as the state you live in in the chatroom/recording lobby.

Schedule (for the time being):
Lost Amplified- Friday at 7pm EST weekly
Halo Amplified- Saturday at 7pm EST weekly

For more information directly from Talkshoe look over their FAQ page @ the TS FAQ

Hope this helps. Join us for our next recording!
See you then,
~Amp & Crew